Tuesday, February 26, 2008


smoke on the mountain

Well, we have successfully completed one of our first projects in Kibakwe - a bio-intensive gardening and nutrition workshop that we held in the garden at our house. Seven people showed up and all of them took notes. Considering other volunteers have held workshops where no one showed up, we were content with the turnout. Also, some of the people who did come are the exact people we wanted to show. If we are able to teach a few influential people in the community how to do something, that's as good as a big showing of people at a workshop. In Kibakwe, everyone knows everyone else and they all talk, so new ideas are like a contagion...we hope. Another project we are currently working on is a series of Malaria posters that will be posted around Kibakwe: health clinic, hospital, primary and secondary schools, and one is already up at the village office. The next event we're looking forward to is World Women's Day on March 8. Carla had the idea to organize an HIV testing day for the people of Kibakwe. Great idea. When Zizo heard this he had the idea to get secondary students to sing and drum for the event to draw more people to get tested. Another great idea. When we met with the village leaders, they loved the idea and suggested maybe we could have a parade to celebrate World Women's Day, too. All really great ideas. Now we have to see if we can pull it off in less than two weeks. I've include some new pictures this time to show how the landscape in Kibakwe is changing with just a little bit of rain.

the path on the way to our house

watering the garden late in the afternoon

the first fruits of our labor - mchicha

zizo and gilbert teaching about nutrition

zizo and gilbert teaching about bio-intensive gardening

our neighbor chrispine

carla hangin' with cocu and pipi

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