Monday, March 31, 2008


That's right, it's zucchini time in our garden and Carla is holding our firstborn. We cooked up most of it on Easter morining, using it in breakfast burritos and later in chocolate zucchini cake. We had a house full of guests for the holiday - 5 guests total which is beyond the realistic capacity of our tiny house. We had a great time, but we'll never have that many people here again. We're finally starting to get some regular rain in Kibakwe which is great for our garden. The tomatoes are having some issues with whiteflies and I don't know if they're going to make it, but the Chinese cabbage, the lettuce, and the squashes are all doing really well. The cukes and the eggplants are looking promising and the jury's still out on the carrots and the onions. Since most Kibakweans are farmers, they're happy that we're getting rain now. The corn, peanuts, and sunflowers are all growing well.

Our once desolate and barren courtyard is now a virtual rainforest, a garden of Eden, a horn o' plenty, even. Hopefully, we'll have another couple of months of rain, though I doubt it. It seems like it comes in waves where it'll rain regularly for two or three weeks, then nothing for a month. Oh well, life in the desert.

Here is a new picture of our friend Mathayo. He was very displeased with the previous picture I had posted of him. I hope that this new picture will be to his liking. Once again, he is a very good guy and there's nothing P.O.S. about him.
Everything is going well in Kibakwe. We're waiting to hear back about some teaching grants that we submitted to HQ, and we're already starting to research some new project ideas for after the rains. All of this has kept and will keep us busy for some time. Mostly we're just trying to spend time with neighbors and friends and just enjoy being in the village. We're looking forward to completing more projects, achieving more successes, and keeping in touch with all of you - our friends and family. We love hearing from you about what's going on in your lives, how much snow you've had, how the new endeavors are working out, how your families are doing, and how things are changing while we're here. It's always a highpoint getting letters or emails or text messages from home. Keep in touch.

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Nice garden. Keep it real.