Thursday, June 21, 2007

Greetings From Kilosa

The language is coming "pole pole" (slowly, slowly), but the Tanzanian people are very patient and warmhearted. Even being in the internet cafe here, I am able to practice my Kiswahili with someone who is patient and understands that I am learning the language. Yesterday we ran into one of the current volunteers in town and we invited her over to meet our host family. We had a great time visiting and since she speaks the language much better than we do, we got more insight into how we're perceived buy our host family - we are loved. Doing laundry is probably the biggest obstacle to overcome right now. Most Tanzanians, especially in professions, take much pride in their attire - everything's ironed and clean. Anyway, I'm running out of time on the computer. I'll post again this weekend. Kwa Herini.