Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Great Big Asante Sana to all of our Rafiki

I'd like to send a word of gratitude to all of you who have supported Carla and I over the past four months that we have been in Tanzania with your phone calls, texts, letters, and packages. Especially the packages!
I cannot stress to you the amount of joy that getting a package from the U.S. brings us. Even the smell of the American air trapped in the box makes us homesick. When you are so far away from your friends and family, the smallest things can brighten up your day. So, please keep sending us letters, texts and packages, and keep us in your thoughts.

...and now for the shameless plea:
if you would like to contact us or send us packages or donate toys or educational materials, our mailing address is:

Tony Stonehouse
SLP 36

Here are some tips to keep in mind when shipping packages:
  • Try to keep it to 4 lbs. or less
  • Padded envelopes seem to have fewer problems than boxes
  • Don't claim the actual value on the parcel (it's more likely to be stolen)
  • Write NCV (No Commercial Value) on the parcel
  • Write "Vifaa Vya Elimu" (Educational Supplies) on the parcel
  • Definitely ship using a tracking number (we've already utilized this system to find a missing parcel)
  • Salty snacks are only available in the big cities in Tanzania
...and if you would like to call or text, we'd love to hear from you:
Carla: 011 255 782 033 350
Tony: 011 255 784 965 453

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